Austin Theory Shares John Cena's Words of Wisdom Post-WrestleMania Bout

In a heart-to-heart, Theory unveils Cena's impactful words.

by Noman Rasool
Austin Theory Shares John Cena's Words of Wisdom Post-WrestleMania Bout

In a candid reflection on his recent WrestleMania 39 bout, Austin Theory delved into the invaluable counsel he received from wrestling legend John Cena. Making his presence felt on the famous "The Babyfaces" podcast, Theory recounted a pivotal moment in his career - the aftermath of his WrestleMania face-off with Cena.

The rising WWE sensation was met with words of encouragement and perspective from the 16-time world champion.

"Cena's Profound Post-Match Wisdom"

"Right after our match, we shared an exceptional moment," recalled the reigning United States Champion, Theory.

"Cena's advice was simple yet profound. He told me, 'Enjoy this day and cherish this moment.' The weight of that message was such that I felt no stress on what was arguably the most significant day of my career." Theory's confidence leading up to the match was evident as he expressed how thorough preparation had rendered him ready and composed.

"The nerves weren't there. Everything that had shaped my journey to that defining point, from training to past experiences, made me feel utterly prepared," Theory elaborated. The matchup saw Cena and Theory set the tone for WrestleMania, with Theory triumphantly pinning Cena and retaining his United States Championship, a title he has proudly worn since September 2022.

Notably, the interview wasn't about more than just the match. Theory revealed how he had drawn inspiration from one of Cena's core life philosophies, subsequently shaping his approach to his wrestling career. John Cena, known for his motivational words of wisdom, has a mantra that resonates deeply with Theory.

The young 26-year-old wrestler emphasized how Cena's guidance instilled a fearless mindset in him. "A principle that John often underscores, and one that resonates with many, is embracing failures. It's about taking a leap of faith in oneself," Theory reflected.

He further underscored the importance of unwavering self-belief, "Many of us are held back by apprehensions and the fear of judgment. However, what truly matters is our conviction in our potential. External opinions can be distracting, but one must remember that the journey will have peaks and troughs.

The key is to press forward persistently." Growing up, Theory admired Cena and saw him as an icon. Today, having shared the ring and words of wisdom with him, Austin Theory stands a testament to the influence and legacy of the 16-time world champion.

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