Matt Hardy Criticizes Jimmy Uso's Betrayal of Jey at SummerSlam

Recent WWE developments leave veteran Matt Hardy puzzled.

by Atia Mukhtar
Matt Hardy Criticizes Jimmy Uso's Betrayal of Jey at SummerSlam

The wrestling world has been rife with discussion and debates over the narratives that have unfolded in WWE in 2023, particularly concerning the dominion of Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Despite the clamor for Reigns to lose his title, first to Sami Zayn at the Elimination Chamber, then to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania, Reigns has persevered.

Yet, after the monumental SummerSlam event, discussions are now centered around the Usos, particularly concerning Jimmy's shocking betrayal of his brother, Jey, seemingly to ensure Reigns' victory. The twist was even more puzzling given the fact that both Usos had distanced themselves from Reigns' faction, The Bloodline, only a few weeks earlier.

Hardy Questions Jimmy's Betrayal

AEW superstar and former numerous-times WWE tag team champion, Matt Hardy, voiced his thoughts on this significant plot twist in his "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast. Hardy expressed skepticism over Jimmy's actions.

"Maybe WWE has some masterstroke waiting to dazzle the audience," said Hardy. "But personally, I was disheartened to see Jimmy betray Jey. The camaraderie of the Usos has been a vital narrative point. The moment when Jey decided to stand beside his brother against Roman was powerful.

For Jimmy to backtrack now is... well, very typical of WWE." The tag-team legend’s critique arrived just before the latest "WWE SmackDown" episode, which has highlighted Jimmy's realignment with The Bloodline and Reigns as "The Tribal Chief." Although Hardy conceded that WWE might have a strategic twist planned, he couldn't help but ponder the rationale of tearing apart a team many hail as the pinnacle of WWE tag team wrestling.

"The Usos, as a cohesive unit, resonate strength. Their rift doesn't sit well with me, particularly on significant platforms," Hardy shared. "I'd have liked seeing Jimmy staying loyal, supporting Jey. I might not have a ready alternative plot, and I aim to be a viewer enjoying the narrative, but Jimmy's reversion to side with Roman over Jey didn't appeal to me." Given Hardy's history with his brother Jeff, the dynamic duo of WWE who have clinched the tag titles nine times and faced each other in poignant feuds, including their iconic Extreme Rules match at WrestleMania 25, Hardy's perspective holds weight.

It's noteworthy that while the Hardy brothers have squared off multiple times, the Usos haven't yet had such a face-off in singles competition.

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