AEW Legend's Contract Ends Next Month


AEW Legend's Contract Ends Next Month
AEW Legend's Contract Ends Next Month

Jim Ross, an undeniable legend in the world of professional wrestling, finds himself nearing the end of his current contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Ross's association with AEW since its inception has been pivotal, not only due to his inimitable voice behind the microphone but also his influential role in facilitating AEW's television deal.

His status and reputation in the wrestling domain are unparalleled. Come June, fans were thrilled with the news that Ross would amplify his voice on AEW's fresh initiative, the Collision program. Paired with Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly, the trio was set to be a commentary powerhouse.

However, fate took a twist when, on the day Collision was to debut, Ross had an unfortunate accident at his home, resulting in health concerns. Despite these challenges, the resilient Ross made it to the June 17th episode in Chicago but subsequently declared his temporary hiatus to recover.

To the delight of many, Ross made a triumphant return on August 5th for the Collision episode, lending his voice to the much-anticipated main event match between CM Punk and Ricky Starks.

Ross's Contract Expiry Confirmed

Although whispers about Ross's contractual timeline with AEW have been making rounds, a detailed account by renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed the speculation.

Meltzer remarked on Ross's unexpected appearance, "It was not forecasted he'd be present, and it remained undisclosed throughout the show until the unmistakable strains of his entrance theme played. His contract is due for expiry this September”.

Amidst the haze of speculation and uncertainty, Ross's devotion to AEW remains unwavering. On a July segment of "Grilling JR", the veteran opened up about his current contract situation, saying, "My association with AEW remains strong.

There might not be a lot left, but it’s enough. My future? Either AEW retains me, or they don't. I take things as they come." Emphasizing his passion, Ross added, “AEW has been an exhilarating journey, and witnessing young talent flourish is rewarding. I cherish guiding them, almost like talent relations. Helping these young talents grow is what I relish”.