Drew McIntyre Picks WWE Hall Of Famer for Dream Bout.


Drew McIntyre Picks WWE Hall Of Famer for Dream Bout.
Drew McIntyre Picks WWE Hall Of Famer for Dream Bout.

At WWE Summerslam 2023, Drew McIntyre locked horns with Austrian sensation GUNTHER for the coveted Intercontinental Championship. While GUNTHER has undisputedly brought prestige to the IC title with his unique flair, and McIntyre – a former Intercontinental and WWE Champion – has expressed admiration for his skills, fans and critics alike know that this wasn't the dream match for the man often dubbed as the "Scottish Psychopath."

McIntyre's Dream Hall of Famer Match

During a riveting session on the Under The Ropes podcast, the enigmatic two-time WWE Champion was posed with an intriguing question: If he could step into the squared circle with any WWE Hall of Famer, regardless of time and realm, who would it be? To this, McIntyre nostalgically remarked, "I'd have to choose Bret Hart.

He's the one I admired growing up. With him, it's more than just the wrestling; it's the art of storytelling he mastered. Imagine the technical marvels we'd conjure up together." When prodded further about the magnetic charm of Bret Hart, especially in Europe, McIntyre mused, "Honestly, it's hard to pinpoint.

When Bret would walk out donning that iconic leather jacket and those statement sunglasses, he oozed the charisma of a rockstar. But, I believe his appeal also lay in his wrestling technique. His style resonated with the UK/European wrestling ethos, which back then, was deeply rooted in mat-based maneuvers." McIntyre took a moment before elaborating, "Initially, as a young fan, I simply enjoyed watching Bret 'The Hitman' Hart.

However, as I delved deeper into the wrestling world, my appreciation for him grew exponentially. Grappling inside the ropes made me recognize the genius in the way Bret structured his matches, the psychological brilliance behind every move." He added with profound respect, "While the era was dominated by the theatrical prowess of figures like Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior, Bret carved his niche.

His matches weren’t just bouts; they were narratives, brimming with authenticity. That's what made him truly exceptional."

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