Booker T: Michael Cole's Retirement Unlikely, Here's Why

Booker T's Insights Shed Light on WWE Commentary Dynamics

by Noman Rasool
Booker T: Michael Cole's Retirement Unlikely, Here's Why

In a recent episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and current "WWE NXT" commentator Booker T delved into the intriguing topic of Michael Cole's future within the WWE landscape, following the announcement of Cole's return to "WWE Raw" as a commentator.

The seasoned commentator, who has been an integral part of WWE since 1997, has seen his fair share of changes in the company's commentary teams over the years. Engaging in a light-hearted tone, Booker T humorously stated, "Cole ain't gonna ever be able to retire...

He can forget about it." The statement was a nod to Cole's longevity and undeniable influence in the realm of WWE commentary. Cole's recent return to "Raw" was accompanied by the reunion with his former "WWE Smackdown" broadcast partner, Wade Barrett, as part of WWE's strategy to emphasize Cole as a central figure in the company's programming.

However, Cole's enduring presence and his pivotal role in WWE's broadcasting haven't escaped Booker T's astute observation.

Challenging Quest for Cole's Successor

Reflecting on the intricacies of finding a successor to fill Cole's shoes, Booker T remarked, "It's hard finding the next Michael Cole." The complexity lies in Cole's multifaceted ability to connect with the audience and effectively narrate the action in the ring.

Booker T acknowledged that while Cole might want to take a step back, his dedication to the WWE cause might hinder his chances of leisurely retirement. "I don't know how long this thing is gonna last," Booker T pondered, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding Cole's eventual departure from the commentary booth.

Harkening back to their past collaborations, Booker T recalled his time sharing the commentary desk with Cole during their stint on "Raw" in 2011. This partnership was marked by not only professional camaraderie but also the heated rivalry between Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler, in which Booker T played a part.

Despite any past clashes, Booker T held Cole in high regard, describing him as a true team player and an unwavering company soldier. Booker T's enthusiasm for Cole's return was balanced by his curiosity about the trajectory of the "NXT" commentary team.

Expressing his eagerness to see his "NXT" broadcast partner, Vic Joseph, ascend to greater heights, Booker T remarked, "I'm waiting on Vic to get a piece of the action." As Joseph has exhibited remarkable prowess on the mic since joining WWE in 2017, Booker T's optimism about their shared future in the booth remains steadfast.

In sum, Booker T's insights shed light on the intricate dynamics of WWE's commentary landscape. His analysis of Michael Cole's enduring influence and the potential evolution of the "NXT" commentary team showcases his deep understanding of the industry's inner workings.

As WWE continues to evolve, the voices that guide the audience through the excitement within the squared circle remain as crucial as ever.

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