Tessa Blanchard on Professional Wrestling Locker Rooms

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Tessa Blanchard on Professional Wrestling Locker Rooms

Even though Tessa Blanchard is not a WWE superstar, she is still very popular. She is probably the most popular female professional wrestler outside of the WWE. Her father was an original member of the Four Horsemen. Blanchard is currently signed with Impact Wrestling and she had a wonderful match with Gail Kim recently.

Blanchard has spent only 5 years of her life in the world of professional wrestling but in this short time has impressed many wrestling fans. On the Talk is Jericho podcast, Blanchard spoke about backstage politics and the professional wrestling locker room culture.

She was previously completely unaware of it and it took her by surprise. "I think when I started in wrestling, I hadn't realized how difficult locker rooms were going to be," Blanchard said. "I thought they were going to be more inviting than they were.

On numerous different occasions I have had people tell me that I am only booked because of my dad, because of who I was dating, or any other exceptions other than my hard work, so in my mind I wanted to put in the extra hours in the ring.

"That way, I put in the time and I was able to back it up. So that way, when someone would say something like that, next time there would be no validity to it. I can say, 'No, f**k you, I work hard.' "