Jake Roberts' Near-Death Experience with Jim Duggan Over a Snake

Unexpected passenger causes chaos during wrestlers' drive.

by Noman Rasool
Jake Roberts' Near-Death Experience with Jim Duggan Over a Snake

In a recent interview, WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts recounted a harrowing experience during a car ride with fellow wrestler Jim Duggan. The incident, which could have taken a perilous turn, was both hilarious and alarming.

While traveling together, Roberts and Duggan decided to indulge in a joint. As they proceeded down the highway, Duggan unexpectedly began accelerating. Confused and alarmed, Roberts urged Duggan to ease off the accelerator, especially since Duggan had a run-in with law enforcement only six months prior.

But, Duggan's acceleration wasn't intentional.

Snake's Surprise Car Takeover

Unbeknownst to them, Roberts' snake, usually contained securely in its bag, had managed to slither out and had wrapped itself around both the gas pedal and the brake.

In an attempt to decelerate, Duggan found himself almost being bitten by the agitated snake. Panic ensued, with Duggan reducing speed and crawling out of the driver's seat, leaving Roberts alone to contend with the angry reptile.

After managing to halt the car, both wrestlers struggled desperately to restrain the snake. Amidst the chaos, they were unaware that they had parked right in front of a bustling restaurant. Patrons watched in disbelief, some even reporting a bizarre sighting of "two massive men wrestling a 30-foot Anaconda" to the police.

After the snake was safely secured and the pair had resumed their journey, they were stopped by an officer. Thanks to the detailed description from the restaurant-goers, the officer was keen to confirm if the wrestlers indeed had a giant Anaconda in their car.

Roberts clarified that it was a Python and was significantly smaller than described, much to the amusement of everyone involved. Shifting gears in the interview, Roberts also opened up about the film "The Wrestler." He expressed his appreciation for Mickey Rourke's portrayal, emphasizing that the narrative mirrored his own life story.

Although Roberts felt slighted by not being compensated for the inspiration drawn from his life, he acknowledged Rourke's gratitude when they met in Los Angeles. With such incredible tales from the road and candid reflections on his storied career, Roberts continues to captivate audiences both inside and outside the ring.

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