Eric Bischoff Backs Logan Paul Amidst WWE Outsider Criticism


Eric Bischoff Backs Logan Paul Amidst WWE Outsider Criticism

In a recent discussion, Eric Bischoff came out in staunch defense of Logan Paul’s performance at WWE SummerSlam, especially during his match against Ricochet. Addressing criticisms of Paul being labeled an "outsider" to the professional wrestling scene, Bischoff was unequivocal: “That’s an extremely myopic view to hold.

To call him an outsider? It's simply ridiculous." Bischoff further expounded on Paul's impressive rise in the wrestling world. “Within just three to four years in the business, Logan has showcased a mastery that rivals most.

The proficiency and caliber with which he competes could easily overshadow about 90% of the rosters across the nation. Even in WWE, he stands out," Bischoff emphasized. The former wrestling executive, however, was quick to ensure Ricochet’s contributions to the match were not downplayed.

"Wrestling is like a dance, and it takes two to tango. Ricochet deserves immense credit. While Logan has been in the wrestling world for just a brief time, Ricochet has complemented him in making each match remarkable”.

Bischoff Praises Match Timing

Bischoff went on to gush about the impeccable timing of the match. “Nothing felt hurried. The pacing was impeccable, allowing the audience to genuinely soak in every move and moment." He lamented that many matches today miss this crucial component.

He pointed out that many might call it a 'premium live event,' but to him, the traditional term 'pay-per-view' still holds. Bischoff further remarked, "In all my years, witnessing someone with Logan's limited time in the industry exhibit such flawless timing is rare”.

Yet, it wasn't all praises. Bischoff did air a minor grievance about the match’s conclusion involving the brass knuckles, although he conceded that even that element was executed with precision. "While I have reservations about the finish, the discreet manner in which Paul procured the brass knuckles was masterful.

For the TV viewers, it added a layer of intrigue as they saw something the live audience didn’t, elevating the magic of television production”. In closing, Bischoff affirmed that the subtlety and discretion with which the match unfolded was a testament to both the athletes and the team behind the production. A reminder, perhaps, of the many layers and nuances that go into making a wrestling event truly memorable.

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