Brian Pillman Jr. Missing from WWE NXT Amidst Signing Buzz


Brian Pillman Jr. Missing from WWE NXT Amidst Signing Buzz
Brian Pillman Jr. Missing from WWE NXT Amidst Signing Buzz

Brian Pillman Jr., a remarkable second-generation wrestling star, has become the talk of the wrestling town since his exit from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Speculation was rife about his imminent appearance on WWE television after his AEW contract ran its course.

While many anticipated seeing him step into the WWE NXT ring on a recent Wednesday, those expectations were momentarily dashed. Inside sources from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter have shed some light on the situation. People within WWE's corridors are leaning toward the belief that Pillman Jr.

is yet to be officially inked by the company. So far, there hasn’t been any chatter about prospective storylines or angles featuring the young star. Current whispers suggest he's in the midst of medical evaluations. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter posits that, barring any unforeseen medical complications, Brian Pillman Jr.

is on a clear path to being part of the WWE roster.

Pillman Jr.' s AEW Swan Song

Reflecting on his journey, Pillman Jr. last showcased his prowess in an AEW ring in May during their House Rules Tour. His final bow on AEW's television platform was in a gripping bout against Swerve Strickland, aired in February on "AEW Rampage." Yet, his wrestling spirit remained undeterred.

He continued to captivate audiences in the independent wrestling circuit, notably with a recent match for New South Wrestling. Adding fuel to the signing speculations, Pillman Jr. was spotted training at the WWE Performance Center, a clear nod to his future aspirations and potential alliance with WWE.

Sources suggest WWE's top brass expressed "immediate interest" in the prodigious talent soon after he became a free agent post his AEW stint. It's worth noting that Brian Pillman Jr. made a series of appearances for AEW before officially signing with them in 2021.

For now, fans and industry watchers alike wait with bated breath, hoping to witness the next chapter in Pillman Jr.' s illustrious wrestling narrative.

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