Jim Ross Cheers WWE & AEW Success; Hopeful for 'All In'

Wrestling milestones ripple through industry, reflecting universal growth.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jim Ross Cheers WWE & AEW Success; Hopeful for 'All In'

As the clock ticks down to AEW's monumental London debut titled "All In" at Wembley Stadium, Hall of Famer and revered broadcaster Jim Ross ensures he does not miss a beat from the pro-wrestling universe. Even amidst the flurry of AEW's preparation, Ross managed to watch parts of WWE's SummerSlam and was effusive in his praise for WWE's groundbreaking event.

During a recent interaction on "Grilling JR", Ross conversed with host Conrad Thompson about the bits of SummerSlam he managed to witness. While he may not have viewed the entire program, the legendary commentator couldn't help but emphasize the iconic moments of Cody Rhodes’ win over Brock Lesnar.

Ross opined, “That defining instance when Lesnar, after the bout, extended his hand to Cody, raising it and acknowledging him, was truly a spectacle”. The gesture by Lesnar wasn't confined to just that. Turning to all four directions of the ring, he seemingly passed on the proverbial torch to the visibly surprised "American Nightmare" Cody.

Ross, clearly moved by the gesture, commented, "Cody is undeniably carving a path for himself. With everything he's gearing up for, particularly WrestleMania's main event next year in Philadelphia, I couldn't be happier for him."

Ross Highlights Wrestling's Unified Rise

However, Ross was quick to underline that WWE's SummerSlam success story has broader implications.

Evoking the familiar saying, "a rising tide lifts all boats", he highlighted how such milestones are advantageous for the wrestling industry at large. Yet, with AEW's impending London show – touted to be one of wrestling's grandest events – Ross’s focus is inevitably divided.

"WWE's success genuinely pleased me," he remarked. "I extend my heartiest congrats, and we at AEW now aim to echo similar sentiments with our Wembley event." While the "All In" card is still unveiling, Ross seems especially excited about the headline match featuring Adam Cole and MJF.

He enthused, "Right now, the Cole-MJF bout is what we're pinning our hopes on." He also hinted at the buzz surrounding the possible face-off between CM Punk and Samoa Joe. The veteran broadcaster, always eager to contribute, jestingly mentioned that he would even personally fund his trip to London to commentate on that match if necessary.

In conclusion, Ross’s fervor for wrestling remains unparalleled. He expressed, "Every talent on board is geared up for this monumental event, as am I and my fellow commentators. Be it calling one match or more, my motivation is unwavering to be part of this grand spectacle. Because, believe me, this is undeniably a major event."

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