NXT Duo Reportedly Exiting WWE


NXT Duo Reportedly Exiting WWE
NXT Duo Reportedly Exiting WWE

The professional wrestling universe is abuzz with speculation, as two of NXT's standout stars, Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, also recognized as 'The Dyad,' hint at their impending departure from WWE. Despite an eventful year, the pair is seemingly eager to take their next steps as free agents.

Earlier this year, Reid and Fowler dropped a bombshell by announcing the expiration of their WWE contracts in October. This revelation created quite a stir among fans, especially given WWE's decision not to grant the duo an early release.

Yet, this didn't dampen The Dyad's momentum. The team has remained a fixture on WWE NXT, joining forces with Joe Gacy and Ava Raine in the "The Schism" faction. Their dynamism was evident when they triumphed over the Creed Brothers in a dramatic "Loser Leaves NXT" showdown.

Moreover, their attempts to clinch the "NXT" Tag Team Championship have been noteworthy.

The Dyad's Off-Screen Speculations

While their on-screen presence continues to dominate, off-screen, rumors about their future plans persist.

As per the recent insights from the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter," the prevalent belief in the wrestling community is that The Dyad is gearing up to bid adieu once their contracts wrap up. Interestingly, whispers in the grapevine hint at a potential rematch against the Creed Brothers, possibly through another "Loser Leaves NXT" face-off.

Before taking on their current personas, these two were renowned as James Drake and Zack Gibson. Their stellar contributions to the WWE landscape include clinching the prestigious "NXT UK" Tag Team Championship. As the clock ticks toward the contract's end, Reid and Fowler have been openly expressive about their future aspirations.

Jagger Reid's Twitter post gave a glimpse into his sentiment: "My contract with WWE expires on 14th October 2023. I'm excited to share our next chapter, once we are free agents." Echoing his partner's sentiment, Fowler shared, "On 15th Oct '23 we will be free agents again.

I personally want to thank all of our fans for your continued support, it means a lot to both of us especially during times like these! We'll see you on the 16th!". Intrigue surrounds The Dyad's next steps, but one thing's for certain: they'll carry a dedicated fanbase wherever they tread.