Booker T Reacts to Ricochet's Desire for Axe Kick Move in WWE

Booker T reflects on his iconic wrestling maneuvers.

by Atia Mukhtar
Booker T Reacts to Ricochet's Desire for Axe Kick Move in WWE

In a recent revelation, the agile WWE superstar, Ricochet, expressed his interest in incorporating the iconic Axe Kick finisher—originally Booker T's signature move—into his repertoire. Naturally, fans eagerly awaited the legendary Booker T's response.

In the most recent episode of his "Hall Of Fame" radio show, the esteemed veteran and two-time WWE Hall Of Famer did not disappoint. "Take it and run with it," he enthusiastically advised Ricochet. "Put your own unique spin on it, make it distinctively yours."

Booker T's Signature Axe Kick

Throughout his illustrious career, Booker T has showcased a plethora of signature moves.

While many might recall the Harlem Hangover or the Book End, it's the Axe Kick that became synonymous with his WWE tenure. Delving into why he transitioned to this particular finisher, Booker T candidly shared, "It was the most straightforward thing for me.

It was such that I could execute it against anyone without a hitch. Regardless of my physical state, whether fatigued or not, I managed to land it flawlessly." He further elaborated, "There were times when I'd nail it with the usual flair, standing tall.

But on other occasions, especially when exhaustion took over, I'd spin off post the move, collapsing onto the mat. Nevertheless, its impact remained undiminished, consistently looking sharp and effective." The burning question now is whether Ricochet will indeed adopt this move.

Irrespective of his decision, Booker T's admiration for Ricochet's evolution is evident. He acknowledges the former Intercontinental Champion's progress and believes he's gradually grasping the intricate nuances of the wrestling business.

"I often discuss wrestlers like Ricochet—astoundingly talented individuals capable of spectacular feats inside the squared circle. However, they might not always be the ones headlining," remarked Booker T. "I eagerly anticipate Ricochet's ascent to the top tier.

To achieve that stature, there are unwritten codes to be followed. And from what I observe, Ricochet is mastering them seamlessly."

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