Nigel McGuinness Set for AEW In-Ring Comeback


Nigel McGuinness Set for AEW In-Ring Comeback
Nigel McGuinness Set for AEW In-Ring Comeback

In an exhilarating revelation for professional wrestling aficionados, there's a burgeoning buzz surrounding a former Ring of Honor World Champion possibly lacing up his boots once more. Nigel McGuinness, a prominent figure in the wrestling circuit, appears to be on the verge of a potential in-ring comeback.

This intriguing development has been corroborated by industry insider source, Fightful Select. The sources, while not directly confirming McGuinness's in-ring return, have alluded to certain "measures" being taken by the wrestler.

This cryptic revelation hints at his consideration to perhaps once again grace the wrestling mat. However, as of now, it remains uncertain if McGuinness has been given the green light for a physical comeback.

AEW Event: McGuinness at Wembley?

To thicken the plot, Fightful Select has further revealed discussions concerning McGuinness's potential appearance at the AEW All In event scheduled for August 27.

The venue for this grand showdown? None other than the iconic Wembley Stadium in London. While there's a significant buzz, whether or not McGuinness will feature in a wrestling capacity or if this proposition has even been deliberated within AEW remains cloaked in mystery.

A brief dive into McGuinness's illustrious career offers a fascinating chronicle. Although he is 47 now, his wrestling legacy has etched an indelible mark on the industry. It's been over a decade since fans last witnessed him in combat, with his most recent match dating back to December 2011.

His last televised face-off took place in September 2010 against the formidable Stevie Richards on "TNA Explosion." Not one to fade into obscurity, McGuinness candidly expressed on the "AEW Unrestricted" podcast how, after his wrestling chapter, he transitioned into commentary.

He candidly shared his challenges when "no one would hire [him] as a wrestler." Come April 2023, McGuinness inked a deal with AEW/ROH, marking a new chapter after his WWE exit in October 2022. During his tenure with WWE, he showcased his oratory prowess, lending his voice to "NXT U.K.," "WWE NXT," and "205 Live." Whatever the future holds, McGuinness's potential return has surely set the wrestling realm abuzz.

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