Booker T: Why Michael Cole Can't Retire from WWE


Booker T: Why Michael Cole Can't Retire from WWE
Booker T: Why Michael Cole Can't Retire from WWE

WWE has officially announced the return of its veteran commentator, Michael Cole, to "WWE Raw". This shift has garnered the attention of many, with WWE Hall of Famer and present "WWE NXT" commentator, Booker T, addressing it on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, especially given the recent reshuffling of WWE's commentary teams.

Jokingly, Booker T commented to his co-host Brad Gilmore, "Cole ain't gonna ever be able to retire. He can just forget about it." The backdrop of this is Cole's 2019 departure from "Raw". His recent comeback was marked by reuniting with his ex-"WWE Smackdown" partner, Wade Barrett.

Nonetheless, Cole continues to anchor "Smackdown" with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick. This strategic move seems to pivot Michael Cole as WWE's forefront broadcaster. "It's quite a task to find someone who can match up to Michael Cole's caliber," observed Booker T.

"Having Cole on both brands does make sense. However, I've heard that Michael wants to scale down. It remains to be seen how this strategy pans out."

Booker T Lauds Michael Cole

Michael Cole, with his deep roots in WWE since 1997, has shared the "Raw" commentary booth with Booker T back in 2011.

Their on-screen camaraderie occasionally spilled outside the booth, most notably during Cole and Lawler's renowned 2011-2012 feud. Despite past skirmishes, Booker T has nothing but praise for Cole, highlighting, "Michael Cole is the epitome of a team player.

He's a trooper. He's always there, ready to deliver, wherever the company needs him." While Booker T appreciated seeing Cole across brands, he expressed concerns regarding the "NXT" commentary ensemble, particularly concerning his colleague, Vic Joseph.

"In many ways, I'm content, but there's this lingering curiosity," Booker T elucidated. "I'm anticipating Vic's elevation. He truly deserves to taste the spotlight." Vic Joseph embarked on his WWE journey in 2017, starting with "WWE Main Event." His impressive trajectory saw him taking over the "Raw" commentary reins in 2019 when Cole transitioned to "Smackdown".

Since 2020, Joseph has been the voice of "NXT", partnering with Booker T, who made his own commentary comeback in 2022. While Booker T remains positive about their "NXT" alliance, he's eager to see the path ahead, musing, "If Vic ascends, I'm curious about his successor. It's not easy for me to sync with just anyone."

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