Summer Rae had concerns before WWE Royal Rumble

WWE diva Summer Rae reflects on her 2022 comeback

by Noman Rasool
Summer Rae had concerns before WWE Royal Rumble

In the adrenaline-charged realm of WWE, Royal Rumble is a pivotal event where wrestlers, both current and from yesteryears, gather in the ring, hoping to leave a mark. Fans often find solace in the nostalgia, warmly welcoming past stars as they make their entrancing returns.

Yet, behind the scenes, the weight of uncertainty takes a toll. Summer Rae, the WWE diva known for her charismatic presence, grappled with such apprehensions prior to her 2022 appearance in the women's Royal Rumble match. Discussing her pre-match emotions on the show "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Summer Rae confessed, "I was fraught with thoughts like 'Will they recognize me?' or 'Perhaps they've moved on.'

But the overwhelming reception I received that night laid those doubts to rest. The fans still remembered, and that felt incredibly rewarding." Though a seasoned wrestler, the Royal Rumble of 2022 marked Rae's debut at this particular event.

Unsurprisingly, she was enveloped in a cloud of nervousness, even while discussing the match's choreography backstage. Despite her brief ring-time, she asserted the importance of making every second count, hinting at the audience's craving for more.

"Every wrestler has a commitment – to give their best, no matter the screen time. If you falter during a key segment, it could spell the end of the fans' interest in you," she remarked. The 2022 Royal Rumble deviated from its traditional suspense by pre-announcing non-WWE participants for the women's match.

Rae candidly shared her disappointment on this front. However, true to her indomitable spirit, she didn't let this dampen her enthusiasm. The diva intelligently utilized the power of social media, teasing fans and building anticipation by engaging in a friendly spat with wrestling icon, Natalya.

Rae's Deceptive Pre-Rumble Tactics

Recollecting her strategic antics, Rae gleefully said, "I knew I had a limited window in the ring, so I had to ensure the buildup was worth it. Natalya and I amplified our online banter, and the fans loved every bit of it." She further elaborated on her masterful art of deception, "I excel in keeping secrets.

Leading people to believe I was vacationing in Dubai when I was gearing up for the Rumble? That was just a part of the game!" In the end, whether it's the audience's cheer, the energy of the arena, or the wrestlers' backstage anxieties, the world of WWE is much more than just a match—it's a blend of emotions, strategy, and undying passion.

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