Natalya Shares Memories of Coaching Ronda Rousey and Gaining Insight from WWE Legend


Natalya Shares Memories of Coaching Ronda Rousey and Gaining Insight from WWE Legend

Natalya Neidhart carries forward a profound legacy from the illustrious Hart family. Her grandfather, Stu Hart, was an iconic wrestler and revered trainer renowned for his stern and intense training methods. Walking in his footsteps, Natalya has a deep-rooted passion for molding aspiring wrestlers, albeit with a contemporary touch.

Discussing her passion for mentoring on "Minnesota Sports with Mackey and Judd," Natalya illuminated her training space, fondly called her "dungeon." This homage to the famed Hart Family Dungeon, where Stu Hart once rigorously trained budding wrestlers, offers a glimpse into the past.

However, Natalya's approach to training is notably different, fostering a more collaborative and supportive environment.

"Natalya's Mentorship Shapes Stars"

A testament to her prowess as a mentor was when Ronda Rousey, before her WWE debut, sought training from Natalya.

"She was incredibly focused, eager to assimilate every nuance of the sport," Nattie remarked. The lineage of trainees continues beyond there. Notable talents like Liv Morgan, Shotzi, Angelo Dawkins, and wrestlers from STARDOM have also benefited from the guidance and training in her dungeon.

Natalya emphasized that her teachings go beyond the physical aspects of wrestling. The art of crafting a compelling narrative is also crucial. She often reaches out to WWE Hall of Famer Edge in her quest for perfect promos. "Whenever I'm stumped with a promo, Edge is just a call away," the former "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion shared.

She fondly recounted a recent instance where Edge dedicated an entire hour over the phone, assisting her in refining a promo. Even as Natalya remains a formidable presence in the ring, she's already sculpted an impressive legacy.

She's been in the wrestling arena long enough to amass a body of work that resonates with fans and peers alike. Reflecting on her journey, she said, "While I usually shy away from self-praise, there are moments when I pause and think, 'You've truly made a mark, and it's worth celebrating.'

" Through her commitment to the sport and desire to guide the next generation, Natalya Neidhart embodies the spirit of the Hart family legacy, evolving it for today's world.

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