Booker T Lauds Logan Paul's SummerSlam Show; Applauds Ricochet


Booker T Lauds Logan Paul's SummerSlam Show; Applauds Ricochet
Booker T Lauds Logan Paul's SummerSlam Show; Applauds Ricochet

A wrestling icon, Booker T recently shared his views on the stellar showdown between Logan Paul and Ricochet at SummerSlam. His reflections were not just limited to praising their physical prowess but also delving deeper into the art of wrestling.

"There's always a standout match in every show, and this was undoubtedly one of them," remarked Booker T. "However, I believe there's beauty in variety. Not every match should follow the same rhythm." According to him, both participants were exemplary, but what caught his attention was Logan Paul's rising prowess.

"That guy stepped up to the plate. Again," he exclaimed. However, his most poignant observations were reserved for Ricochet. "I've seen considerable growth in him," Booker T stated. He drew parallels between Ricochet's evolution in the wrestling world and another unnamed wrestler's.

While physical fitness is paramount, Booker T emphasized the significance of wrestling intelligence. He knew when, how, and what to execute is the real mark of a seasoned wrestler. "Ricochet," he mused, "is almost there. Just a touch away."

Booker T on Deville's Injury

Switching gears, Booker T delved into the unfortunate injury that Sonya Deville suffered - a torn ACL.

He dismissed any superstitions about titles being cursed, instead attributing the frequency of injuries to the modern wrestling ethos. "These days, wrestlers are often so focused on delivering high-octane entertainment that they sometimes neglect their safety," he observed.

Booker T underscored the difference between being 'hurt' and 'injured.' While the former can be powered through, the latter can be a significant setback. He warned young wrestlers of the perils of time off, hinting at how easy it is to be replaced.

"Time off is your worst enemy in this business," he said earnestly. However, he wrapped up his views on a hopeful note for Sonya. Having personally worked with her during "Tough Enough," he was praised for her commitment. "Sonya is a real athlete," he affirmed.

"Knowing her drive, I expect her to bounce back within six to eight months, not a year." Booker T's parting words blended playful jest and genuine concern. "Sonya, welcome to the club of the injured. Just kidding! Get well soon. Can't wait to see you back in action."

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