Jake Roberts Advocates for Griff Garrison's AEW Push

Wrestling veteran Roberts shares insights on AEW talent growth.

by Noman Rasool
Jake Roberts Advocates for Griff Garrison's AEW Push

In a recent interview, wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts shared his thoughts on rising AEW star, Griff Garrison, emphasizing the importance of nurturing new talents over time for them
to truly shine. Roberts said, "Griff is genuinely a joy to be around.

His positive attitude and professionalism suggest he's not the kind to stir up any backstage drama. But when it comes to the squared circle, patience is essential. It's unrealistic to thrust talents into the limelight and anticipate an instant impact." He further elaborated that consistent exposure and thoughtful booking are integral for wrestlers like Garrison.

"You can't just put someone like Griff on display one week and expect immediate fireworks. This business doesn't operate on such whims. Wrestling is as much about storytelling as it is about athleticism. The growth of a wrestler, especially someone as promising as Griff, requires proper build-up.

This includes rivalries, key matches, and scenarios where they're pushed to prove themselves. This hones their skills and solidifies their connection with the audience."

Roberts on Nurturing Wrestling Talent

Continuing his experience, Roberts recounted, "It's about setting them up with the right dance partners and storylines.

Every great superstar has climbed to the top by proving themselves against others. With his skillset, Garrison would be a treat to see in one-on-one matchups." Switching gears, Roberts fondly remembered his interactions with "Earthquake" John Tenta.

Describing him as a "gentle giant," Jake was praised as the man behind the Earthquake persona. "John was an absolute pleasure. Always courteous and kind, he embodied the term 'gentle giant.' But when it came to in-ring prowess, you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his power moves." The admiration in Roberts' voice was evident as he continued, "When we started our angle, I was under the impression he'd been in the business for a decade or so.

Imagine my astonishment when I discovered he was essentially a rookie. That spoke volumes about his natural aptitude for this profession." Jake Roberts' insights always offer a fascinating glimpse into the wrestling world, emphasizing the blend of patience, talent, and opportunity necessary to craft a superstar.

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