Aldis & Roode Shadow WWE SmackDown Producers

Wrestling Veterans Embrace New Roles as Backstage Producers

by Noman Rasool
Aldis & Roode Shadow WWE SmackDown Producers

According to a report from Fightful Select, a notable development unfolded backstage at this week's "WWE SmackDown," as Nick Aldis and Robert Roode were observed engaging in a new facet of their careers. The two esteemed wrestlers were seen shadowing different producers, a strategic move to bolster their understanding of this crucial role within the industry.

Producers Mentor Wrestling Stars

In a noteworthy instance, Aldis had the opportunity to shadow Petey Williams, who was intricately involved in orchestrating the high-stakes showdown between AJ Styles and the formidable Karrion Kross.

This hands-on experience gave Aldis a firsthand look into the nuances of match production and coordination at the highest level. Simultaneously, Roode collaborated with Jamie Noble, who has been out of action since June 2022 due to a series of neck fusion surgeries.

Their collaborative efforts culminated in the curation of the United States Championship clash between the emerging Austin Theory and the ring veteran Rey Mysterio. Notably, Roode and Noble also played a pivotal role in shaping several backstage segments, offering Roode an immersive experience encompassing various facets of the producer's role.

The interest in Aldis as a potential WWE producer has been simmering since he departed from Impact Wrestling in July. This week, his backstage presence at "WWE Raw" raised intriguing possibilities, fueling speculation about a potential dual role involving in-ring appearances and production responsibilities.

Given Aldis's active status, this dynamic adds a layer of complexity to his potential contributions. As for Roode's journey has been marked by recovery and reflection since his surgeries. In a manner reminiscent of successful transitions exemplified by Tyson Kidd and Jason Jordan, Roode appears to gravitate towards a producer's mantle.

Yet, despite this pivot, Roode's in-ring future remains enigmatic, as he has not officially retired. This producer role, perhaps a temporary measure amid his recuperation, holds promise as a skill that could prove invaluable down the road.

The presence of Aldis and Roode shadowing accomplished producers underscores a multi-faceted evolution within the wrestling realm. Their transition from the spotlight to behind-the-scenes roles showcases a commitment to continuous growth and adaptation, offering a glimpse into their potential contributions in shaping the industry's future.