"Bret Hart's Fight for Owen's Role in Iconic WWF Storyline"

Unveiling Hidden Stories: Natalya's Insights into WrestleMania X

by Noman Rasool
"Bret Hart's Fight for Owen's Role in Iconic WWF Storyline"

Among the myriad of monumental matches etched into wrestling history, one bout that still stands as a pinnacle for fans is the clash between Bret Hart and his cherished younger brother Owen Hart at WrestleMania X. This showdown not only captivates through its build-up and in-ring theatrics, but resonates deeply due to it being Owen's sole involvement in a prominent WrestleMania encounter, a fact that becomes even more poignant given the tragic turn of events that unfolded nearly five years later.

Recent events on the August 11 episode of "WWE SmackDown," set in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, have rekindled memories of that iconic match. Natalya, the proud torchbearer of the Hart Family's legacy, opened up in a series of interviews to amplify the show's anticipation.

One query struck a heartfelt chord with her: "For a newcomer, which match or era would you introduce to them?" Natalya's response was steeped in emotion and wisdom: "I always tell people, 'If you're stepping into this universe and want to grasp its essence, watch Bret Hart vs.

Owen Hart at WrestleMania X in Madison Square Garden.' In that storyline, Owen assumed the role of the mischievous younger sibling, while Bret epitomized the honorable elder brother. The narrative was both accessible and enthralling.

It was beyond a wrestling match; it was a storytelling masterpiece. A match tells a story, and a story becomes a match. That encounter was sheer magic, a testament to their storytelling prowess."

Bret's Determined Push for Owen

Unveiling an insider revelation, Natalya lauded Bret and Owen as "maestro storytellers," shedding light on a lesser-known aspect.

The iconic bout at WrestleMania X was not a foregone conclusion. The Hart family's daughter shared a pivotal insight: "I distinctly recall Bret advocating for Owen's inclusion in that match. Many aren't aware of this, but behind the curtains, Bret fought ardently for Owen to be an integral part of that narrative.

Different plans were suggested, yet Bret stood firm, declaring, 'No, I want it to be Owen.' " Natalya then emphasized how WrestleMania X saw Bret engage in not just one, but two pivotal matches — facing Owen in the curtain-raiser and squaring off against Yokozuna in the main event.

While Owen gained recognition in the opening act, Bret's coronation moment arrived later in the night as he seized the WWE Championship from Yokozuna. This achievement marked a redemption of sorts after a prior attempt the year before had fallen short.

Natalya's account aligns seamlessly with historical records. A glimpse into Bret's 2014 appearance on "Talk is Jericho" unveils the original plan of him squaring off against his elder brother, Bruce Hart, at WrestleMania X.

Yet, Bret declined, citing Bruce's age and physique as misfits for the occasion. This sibling matchup suggestion was a response to Bret's complaints about WWE's roster depth. Furthermore, Bret revealed that Owen had contemplated exiting the wrestling realm before Vince McMahon greenlit the WrestleMania X program.

In the annals of wrestling history, the Bret vs. Owen clash remains a testament to a brother's unwavering dedication and a family's indomitable legacy.

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