Matt Hardy Ponders Lesnar in AEW: Big Bucks for Khan?


Matt Hardy Ponders Lesnar in AEW: Big Bucks for Khan?

In the most recent episode of his Extreme Life With Matt Hardy podcast, "Broken," Matt Hardy delved into an intriguing scenario: Brock Lesnar joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW). By drawing parallels between Lesnar's potential role and the existing AEW tag team duo, The Butcher and The Blade, Hardy painted a captivating picture of what Lesnar could bring.

For those unfamiliar with AEW's Butcher and Blade, their on-screen personas can best be described as hitmen. They align themselves with whoever is willing to pay the top dollar, lending their skills and muscle to eliminate competition.

Drawing on this concept, Hardy said, "The gimmick that The Butcher and The Blade project on TV embodies the essence of being hitmen. They offer their services to the highest bidder. This is the exact attitude Brock mirrors. Brock understands his value and won't settle for less.

Hence, the price tag will be hefty if Tony Khan wishes to bring him on board."

Lesnar's Deep Ties to McMahon

While this hypothetical AEW stint is intriguing, Hardy also brought a sense of realism to the conversation, discussing Lesnar's long-standing relationship with WWE's head honcho, Vince McMahon.

"Brock has a history with Vince. Their relationship is solidified with trust, mutual respect, and years of collaboration. Vince has always ensured Brock's well-being, which has fostered a sense of allegiance in Lesnar," Hardy pointed out.

Continuing his thoughts, Matt Hardy further speculated on Brock's loyalties. "Given Brock's bond with Vince, he sees WWE as his home. He might be a WWE lifer, dedicating his entire wrestling career to the brand." However, Hardy did not entirely dismiss the idea of Lesnar transitioning to AEW.

Emphasizing the financial implications of such a move, he stated, "If Tony Khan genuinely hopes to snag Brock for AEW, the financial offer has to be unparalleled. Only an irresistible deal would make Lesnar even consider leaving WWE." In sum, while the wrestling community remains abuzz with speculations and dream matchups, Brock Lesnar's move to AEW, as alluring as it may sound, remains rooted in the realms of possibility and Hardy's creative imagination.

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