Corey Graves Touts Ludwig Kaiser as WWE Main Event Material

Kaiser's prowess catches Graves' attention in recent podcast.

by Noman Rasool
Corey Graves Touts Ludwig Kaiser as WWE Main Event Material

Corey Graves, one of WWE's most recognizable voices, had high praises for Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser during a recent edition of his "After The Bell" podcast. Fans are accustomed to Kaiser's exceptional work, primarily in association with Gunther – another mainstay in the faction.

However, Graves believes the time might be ripe for Kaiser to step into the WWE spotlight and carve out a niche for himself as a leading event contender. "Ludwig has always played his role brilliantly within Imperium, setting the stage for the spectacle that is Gunther," Graves said.

After witnessing his performance this past Monday, I can't help but think that he's poised to emerge as a dominant force in WWE's main event scene. I don't expect to see him dethroning Gunther anytime soon, but there's an undeniable charisma about him – he's captivating, entertaining, and eloquent.

All signs of a superstar waiting to shine."

Kaiser Echoes Hollywood's Iconic Villains

The host's insights don't continue beyond there. Graves was especially moved by Kaiser's interactions with WWE's Maxxine. He drew parallels between Kaiser's demeanor and some of Hollywood's most memorable villains.

Graves elaborated, "There's something about Ludwig Kaiser that reminds me of those iconic, elegant movie villains. In ' Die Hard With A Vengeance, 'he exudes the same energy as Jeremy Irons. It's that calm, sophisticated exterior combined with a penetrating, intimidating presence.

He manages to get under your skin without ever raising his voice. It's all in the details, like his spot-on facial expressions." Graves' wife and fellow WWE superstar, Carmella, apparently shared his sentiments. Recounting a personal moment, Graves shared, "As we sat watching, I turned to Carmella and remarked, 'This guy has that special something.'

Ludwig Kaiser is undeniably talented, and I foresee a bright future for him in WWE." The wrestling world watches keenly as talent like Kaiser evolves, making WWE's future look even more promising. As the curtains rise on new episodes, fans will undoubtedly keep their eyes peeled for Ludwig Kaiser, especially with such robust endorsements coming his way.

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