Sheamus Shares the WWE Superstar Matches Recommended by Trainers and Their Impact.


Sheamus Shares the WWE Superstar Matches Recommended by Trainers and Their Impact.

Since his debut in 2009, Sheamus has solidified his presence as a mainstay on WWE television. Known for his unyielding and formidable move set, his style is often recognized as one of the most impactful on the main roster. In a recent exclusive with Metro, the "Celtic Warrior" unveiled the roots of his wrestling inspiration.

Dr. Tom Prichard, one of Sheamus's esteemed trainers, introduced him to the legendary matches of Stan Hansen. This exposure marked a transformative point in Sheamus's wrestling journey. Immersed in Hansen's robust and raw brawling style, Sheamus found it resonated deeply with him.

"Hansen's approach was emblematic of a bygone era," said Sheamus, reflecting on the videos. "Though the times were different, Stan's fierce physical style appealed to me, especially during my earlier days when I was a robust 290 pounds, carrying a brawler's physique."

"Rawness Revived: Sheamus's Epiphany"

This introduction to Hansen's bouts prompted Sheamus to imbue his matches with a rawness mirrored Hansen's approach.

He saw the need for wrestling to pivot back to an unapologetically rough style. He said, "An epiphany struck me upon watching Hansen. Wrestling, in its essence, should be a visceral experience for viewers. Audiences crave genuine brawls, not mere theatrical dance.

They yearn for palpable physicality." While his ring style might leave viewers wincing in empathy, Sheamus assures fans that his approach, though brutal in appearance, is anchored in safety. "It's about striking a balance," he stated.

"The goal is to ensure the combat is real in its intensity, yet protective in its execution." However, wrestling's intense nature hasn't sometimes been kind to Sheamus. With a chuckle, he shared, "I've always ensured my opponents' safety.

Yet, the nature of our sport is unpredictable. While I've mostly stayed injury-free, my nose did face the brunt twice. But, in essence, we aim to captivate, not harm. I've always been proud of mastering that style." In a world of evolving wrestling styles, Sheamus is a testament to the timeless appeal of raw, unfiltered brawling, paying homage to the greats like Stan Hansen while carving out his unique niche.