Natalya Reveals Bret Hart Pushed for Owen's WWF Storyline Inclusion.

Natalya delves deep into a legendary Hart family showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Natalya Reveals Bret Hart Pushed for Owen's WWF Storyline Inclusion.

In the annals of professional wrestling, the iconic bout between Bret Hart and his younger sibling, Owen Hart, at WrestleMania X stands as a paragon of storytelling prowess. For fans of the squared circle, this match isn't solely revered for its stunning choreography but also as Owen's lone high-profile appearance at "The Showcase of Immortals" before his untimely passing five years later.

As "WWE SmackDown" graced Calgary, Alberta, Canada on August 11, Natalya, the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and Elizabeth Hart, embarked on a promotional spree. Representing the illustrious Hart dynasty, she reflected deeply when asked which WWE match she'd recommend to neophytes.

"Wrestling's Essence: Bret vs. Owen"

"The embodiment of wrestling's essence? Bret versus Owen at WrestleMania X in the hallowed Madison Square Garden," she declared on "Minnesota Sports with Mackey & Judd." Detailing the narrative of Owen's portrayal as the brash younger brother to Bret's principled elder, she mused, "Wrestling is storytelling.

Their bout epitomized this, creating an evocative tapestry in the ring." Natalya's voice wavered with emotion as she acknowledged the significance of that match in Owen's career. "It's a beacon moment, allowing Owen his rightful place in the spotlight." Yet, a behind-the-scenes revelation added layers to this poignant tale.

While both Hart brothers are lauded as in-ring maestros, few know of the political ballet that took place backstage. Natalya unveiled that the wrestling magnate, Vince McMahon, alongside WWE's creative minds, had initially envisioned a different trajectory for Bret, then the company's poster boy.

"Bret was adamant. He championed Owen's inclusion in that story arc," she recalled. "Bret's vision diverged from what was proposed, insisting on Owen as his counterpart." Natalya's revelations align with Bret's words from a 2014 "Talk is Jericho" episode.

Bret shared his resistance to Vince's idea of battling his older brother, Bruce Hart, due to Bruce's physical condition and age. When Bret lamented WWE's roster depth, McMahon initially suggested the Bret vs. Bruce angle. Bret's candidness in that interview also shed light on Owen's professional uncertainties before the epochal WrestleMania X showdown got the nod.

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