WWE Refutes MLW Claims, Confirms Stephanie McMahon-Tubi Meeting


WWE Refutes MLW Claims, Confirms Stephanie McMahon-Tubi Meeting
WWE Refutes MLW Claims, Confirms Stephanie McMahon-Tubi Meeting

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has officially responded to allegations put forth by Major League Wrestling (MLW), following an antitrust lawsuit launched against the global wrestling behemoth in 2022. MLW's central claim? That WWE had intentionally hindered its efforts to make inroads in the streaming market by persuading third-party entities to drop contracts or even potential collaborations with MLW.

MLW's complaint was initially dismissed last year. However, it was subsequently revised and resubmitted. Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics took to Twitter this Monday, sharing excerpts from the recent court filings. The documents provide clarity on WWE's stance: while the company outrightly denies most allegations, it does verify one particular encounter.

In August 2021, Stephanie McMahon, a key figure in WWE's corporate hierarchy, did have discussions with an executive from the streaming service, Tubi. However, WWE has firmly rejected the notion that McMahon exerted any undue influence on Tubi to quash a budding deal with MLW.

McMahon's Role in Tubi Controversy

At the heart of MLW's lawsuit is an insinuation that Stephanie McMahon leveraged her position to sway Tubi's decision-making. The claim suggests McMahon aimed to deny MLW a coveted time slot that would have directly rivaled WWE's own NXT broadcasts on Tuesday nights.

The plot thickens with further allegations: MLW posits that WWE went so far as to hint to Tubi's affiliate, Fox, that it might reconsider its own business arrangements with them unless Tubi complied with WWE's wishes and reneged on its understanding with MLW.

To this, WWE's formal response has been a categorical denial. The legal tug-of-war between WWE and MLW is far from reaching its crescendo. The newest court filings indicate WWE's intent to leave no stone unturned. The company has not only challenged the accusations but also expressed its desire for a jury trial to assess "all issues so triable." This trial is set to take place in the Northern District of California, the jurisdiction where the antitrust lawsuit was originally filed.

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