Kevin Nash Comments on Miz & LA Knight's Raw Segment; Suggests Changes

Wrestling legend contrasts rising star with established powerhouse.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kevin Nash Comments on Miz & LA Knight's Raw Segment; Suggests Changes

Recently, the wrestling universe was abuzz when Kevin Nash, the iconic wrestler known for his stints in WWE and WCW, voiced his opinions about LA Knight. Nash, never one to shy away from speaking his mind, later clarified his earlier remarks by mentioning that he wasn't familiar with Knight.

In the latest installment of his podcast, "Kliq This," the revered two-time WWE Hall of Famer dissected the recent promo face-off between LA Knight and The Miz on WWE's flagship show, "Raw." Reflecting on LA Knight's trajectory, Nash commented, "Imagine being LA Knight, basking in the glory of victory in the Slim Jim Battle Royale, thinking 'Alright, they see my potential, maybe it's my time to shine.'

Then, he steps onto 'Raw' and it's as if The Miz's script was lifted from our show. It's like telling Knight he's merely an echo of the Attitude Era."

Nash Highlights Miz's Dominance

For Nash, the promo segment underscored The Miz's proficiency with promos, while pointing out that Knight seemed to stumble with his delivery.

Nash highlighted the contrast between the two, noting The Miz's (Mike Mizanin) millionaire status, his "envious family life" and a lavish home as indicators of who truly commands success in the wrestling world. In scrutinizing the dynamics of that "Raw" episode, Nash expressed his discontent.

He felt that Knight was seemingly set up for failure, stating, "The way Miz casually tossed the jacket, lacked intensity. Knight seemed to gain the upper hand, but then? I'd have turned towards the main camera, nailed my signature move, and only after would've contemplated my next steps – maybe a trademark elbow or a friendly handshake as a cliffhanger." Nash pointed out that Knight's eventual decision to lie beside The Miz conveyed an ambiguous undertone.

To him, the segment had the potential for Knight to assert dominance, but instead, it concluded on an underwhelming note, leaving the audience and wrestling aficionados like Nash wanting more.

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