AEW's Gaming Ascendancy

Aubrey Edwards Enthusiastically Discusses AEW Fight Forever and Future Projects

by Noman Rasool
AEW's Gaming Ascendancy

Aubrey Edwards, a popular figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently opened up about the much-anticipated AEW Fight Forever console game on the Under The Ring podcast. As an iconic referee with deep ties in the gaming world, Edwards shared her excitement and immense pride towards the creators of this wrestling game.

AEW Fight Forever is the first console game from the promotion, and the buzz around it is palpable. Even though Edwards didn't have a direct role in its development, she couldn't help but sing praises for the team behind the game.

“I was not actually involved with the team and Fight Forever, but the team that was, did an incredible job," she expressed. Edwards went on to mention Kenny Omega, a central figure in AEW, who was involved in the game's development.

Despite having no prior experience in developing games, Omega, with his team, showed impressive perseverance and determination. Aubrey reminisced about her own experiences, noting, "I know what it feels like. I’ve previously worked on 12 separate video games before joining AEW.

So, seeing someone like Kenny dive into it for the first time, and knowing the blood, sweat, and tears that go into it, I’m so, so incredibly proud of everyone behind the scenes”.

AEW Games' Promising Horizon

The referee didn't just stop at discussing AEW Fight Forever.

She hinted at her involvement in several other projects for the AEW Games department, although she remained tight-lipped about specifics. "I’m working on other stuff for AEW Games that I can’t talk about yet. It’s super, super exciting,” she teased.

Aubrey then took a trip down memory lane to reflect on her previous projects with AEW Games. “So previously, I’d worked on AEW Elite General Manager, which was our mobile General Manager simulator that came out about two years ago,” she recalled.

Edwards’ experience in the gaming industry combined with her role in AEW promises fans more thrilling games in the future. “Yeah, I’m working on some other titles. We’ll just say that,” she hinted.

For fans of AEW and gaming, the future looks bright with passionate individuals like Aubrey Edwards at the helm. We eagerly await the next big title from AEW Games.