Deonna Purrazzo Picks Two IMPACT Stars as Future Knockouts Champs

Deonna Purrazzo unveils her predictions for IMPACT's future champions.

by Noman Rasool
Deonna Purrazzo Picks Two IMPACT Stars as Future Knockouts Champs

Jordynne Grace's future remains shrouded in mystery. As a free agent, the world of professional wrestling can only speculate on her next move. Rumors have been swirling around her potential return to Impact Wrestling, but as of now, nothing is concrete.

Should she make a comeback, though, one thing is for sure: she will be out for revenge. We last saw Grace in the wrestling arena in May at the "Under Siege" event, where she faced a defeat at the hands of Deonna Purrazzo. With her history and prowess, Grace's reentry into Impact Wrestling could spell her running for the Knockouts World Championship title, further solidifying her position as a dominant force in the industry.

However, Grace isn't the only one with championship ambitions on Purrazzo's radar. The reigning champion has named two rising stars whom she believes could very well shape the future of the Knockouts Championship.

KiLynn King: Impact's Rising Phenom

First up on her list is KiLynn King.

"She is nothing short of phenomenal," Purrazzo raved. Their scheduled clash on the upcoming Thursday's episode of IMPACT has Purrazzo eagerly waiting. King's entry into Impact Wrestling was greeted with widespread enthusiasm, especially from peers like Purrazzo.

Not only is she an exceptional wrestler, but her distinct gear and her understanding of her unique strengths also set her apart. King's introduction via "The Coven" faction provided her with a robust platform. Once she moves beyond this phase, the wrestling world should brace for a powerhouse.

Equally promising, according to Purrazzo, is Giselle Shaw. The two share a history, with Purrazzo frequently expressing her admiration for Shaw's talent. "Giselle is more than just an extraordinary athlete," she stated. Over the past year, Shaw has showcased a growth not only in her in-ring prowess but also in the intricacies that set a wrestler apart.

With her recent inclusion in the four-way bout at "Emergence" for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships alongside partner Savannah, Shaw stands on the cusp of defining her legacy. If they clinch a win, it could very well pave Shaw's path to becoming a legendary Knockouts World Champion.

In an ever-evolving wrestling landscape, these insights from Purrazzo provide a peek into the potential leaders of tomorrow's Knockouts division.

Deonna Purrazzo