Jey Uso Shifted to WWE Alumni Post-SmackDown


Jey Uso Shifted to WWE Alumni Post-SmackDown

In an unexpected turn of events during this week's "WWE SmackDown," Jey Uso announced his departure from the wrestling juggernaut, marking the culmination of simmering tensions within the Samoan wrestling dynasty, The Bloodline.

Following the broadcast, WWE's official website added another layer of intrigue by shifting Jey Uso to its "alumni" section, typically reserved for those no longer actively competing. Visitors to the website can now find Uso's profile nestled between Jessi Kamea and Jillian when they navigate to the "WWE Alumni" segment.

This startling development traces back to the raw emotions aired during a heated segment on Friday. The segment was an emotional fallout of events that transpired at SummerSlam. Jey Uso found himself confronting not just his twin brother, Jimmy, but also their powerhouse cousin, Roman Reigns.

The rift was evidently clear when Jimmy sought to justify his SummerSlam betrayal, suggesting that Jey would have inevitably gone down Reigns' path, becoming just as tainted, had he taken up the mantle of "The Tribal Chief."

Jey's Defiance Meets Reigns' Punch

As Jimmy tried mending bridges, Jey's response was a clear snub.

The tensions reached a boiling point when Reigns, ever the opportunist, whispered words of disdain to Jey, prompting a sudden superkick from the latter. But before Jey could capitalize, he was ambushed by Sola Sikoa. Reigns swiftly capitalized, leveling Jey with his signature Superman punch.

The climax of the night, however, was reserved for the final moments. Jey, in a clear assertion of his intentions, delivered a decisive superkick to Jimmy, vocally severing ties not just with his family but also with "SmackDown" and WWE.

His exit through the crowd underscored the gravity of his proclamation. While this shocking twist has left fans abuzz, speculations are rife about the upcoming narrative for The Bloodline as they head into WWE Payback, scheduled for September 2 at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As of now, the WWE Universe remains in suspense, awaiting further developments.

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