Matt Hardy: Top WWE Star is Vince McMahon's Ideal


Matt Hardy: Top WWE Star is Vince McMahon's Ideal

In the complex world of professional wrestling, certain athletes stand out, catching the eye of the impresarios who lead the industry. Vince McMahon, the legendary force behind WWE, has long been known for having a distinct taste when it comes to the superstars he promotes.

For him, the wrestler's build, charisma, and potential marketability often dictate their success. Brock Lesnar, with his towering physique and undeniable prowess in the ring, serves as the quintessential example of McMahon's ideal.

Hardy Highlights Lesnar's Appeal

Discussing this connection, Matt Hardy, the seasoned wrestler and co-host of the "Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy" podcast, pointed out Lesnar's unique appeal in McMahon's eyes. "When you consider Brock, he epitomizes what Vince desires in a wrestler.

A massive presence, an indomitable spirit, and an attitude that makes him an effortless talent to collaborate with," said Hardy, reminiscing about the early days of Lesnar's career. The beginnings of Hardy and Lesnar's association trace back to when the latter first entered WWE.

The Hardy brothers, Matt and Jeff, emerged as Lesnar's inaugural adversaries, placing them in a privileged position to gauge the budding superstar's potential. "It wasn't just his prowess inside the squared circle that set Brock apart.

It was his aura, his inherent star quality," Matt elaborated. Lesnar, with his commanding presence, is instantly recognizable, even among a sea of spectators. "When Brock steps into any environment, he instantly becomes the center of attention.

He's a remarkable entity, radiating a kind of magnetism that's rare even in our industry," Hardy reflected. Combining his captivating aura with athletic brilliance, Lesnar seemed to possess every trait McMahon coveted in a wrestler. "In essence," Hardy concluded, "Brock was the embodiment of Vince's ideal superstar."

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