Rob Van Dam Suggests WWE Approved His AEW Stint

Wrestling's RVD stirs intrigue with cryptic AEW comments.

by Atia Mukhtar
Rob Van Dam Suggests WWE Approved His AEW Stint

In a captivating turn of events, wrestling icon Rob Van Dam (RVD) set the AEW stage ablaze with his surprise debut. Facing off against Jack Perry for the FTW Championship on a recent episode of "Dynamite", RVD's appearance was a shocking twist for many fans.

After Jack Perry's audacious remarks about ECW, the birthplace of the FTW title, RVD's involvement became all the more poetic, given his strong ECW legacy. To accentuate the intensity of the match, Jerry Lynn, another ECW stalwart, introduced RVD on the August 9th edition of Dynamite.

Fans witnessed a thrilling bout that saw RVD push Perry to his absolute brink. Yet, in a classic heel move, Perry resorted to a sly low blow, using a steel chair to defeat RVD and retain his controversially-recognized title.

While many fans appreciated the wrestling legend’s surprise appearance on AEW, the wrestling community can be divided. A particular contention emerged: did RVD betray WWE by joining AEW?

RVD Addresses WWE-AEW Rumors

Addressing these speculations, Van Dam recently took to social media, teasing fans about whether he had WWE's approval for his AEW stint.

He wrote, “Some fans claim I betrayed WWE with my AEW appearance. How would they react if they knew I had WWE’s blessing? Would they find another baseless criticism? I’ll keep them guessing for now”.

The underlying question remains - is RVD still connected to WWE? While his last match in a WWE ring dates back to 2014, where he faced Seth Rollins on SmackDown, his association with the company persisted. Notably, RVD was inducted into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame in 2022.

Further, as recent as May 2023, he graced WWE TV, making announcements for the WWE Draft. Given RVD’s deep-rooted association with ECW and Philadelphia, it’s no wonder that WWE is keen on capitalizing on his star power.

Rumors are abuzz that he’s slated to be a significant figure for events related to WrestleMania 40, scheduled in Philadelphia in April 2024. Only time will tell how these events unfold.

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