WWE Hall Of Famer Foresees NXT Triumph Over AEW in Ratings


WWE Hall Of Famer Foresees NXT Triumph Over AEW in Ratings

t seems a shift in the wrestling world’s balance of power may be on the horizon. Eric Bischoff, a key figure in wrestling's historical television war, has given his perspective on the ever-intensifying ratings battle between WWE's NXT and All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) flagship show, Dynamite.

Initially, both brands squared off on Wednesday nights, with Dynamite consistently drawing in larger audiences. While NXT did manage to surpass AEW on a few occasions, it eventually switched to Tuesday nights. Despite this shift, NXT has displayed a promising surge, with recent viewership statistics showing an average of over 700,000.

On the other hand, Dynamite, which once boasted figures of over a million, has witnessed a decline, now averaging around 850,000 weekly.

Bischoff Predicts NXT's Surge

Bischoff's insights are notably profound, given his firsthand experience during the monumental wrestling TV wars of Monday nights.

On the Strictly Business podcast, he reflected on the closing gap, confidently forecasting NXT's potential lead: “NXT inching closer to AEW isn't a surprise to me. I had prophesied this shift either late last year or early this year.

They're now only trailing by about 100,000 viewers. I had foreseen this change by this summer, and I'm standing firm on that”. He also emphasized the distinct identity of each brand, mentioning how AEW's Dynamite parades its top stars regularly, while NXT serves as a developmental ground.

“It's vital to understand the DNA of each brand. NXT is fundamentally developmental, so they’re nurturing emerging talents. In contrast, AEW’s Dynamite has its brightest stars on full display." In related news, reflecting on past WWE days, Bischoff recounted one of his most unforgettable Raw moments - the audacious segment where he locked lips with Linda McMahon, Vince McMahon's wife.

This walk down memory lane comes at a time when All Elite Wrestling has made headlines for internal issues, with insiders voicing significant frustration.

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