Toni Storm wishes Wembley wasn't in England

Storm's mixed feelings surface ahead of UK wrestling return

by Noman Rasool
Toni Storm wishes Wembley wasn't in England

Toni Storm, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling, is on the cusp of etching her name in the annals of history at the upcoming Wembley Stadium event. As she prepares for the challenge, Storm aspires to clinch the AEW Women's Championship for a groundbreaking third time.

The competition is stiff; she's set to battle it out in a 4-Way match that includes her Outcast group member, Saraya, the current champion Hikaru Shida, and a yet-to-be-announced competitor. Given her past successes in the UK, one would naturally assume that Toni is eagerly anticipating her return to London.

Surprisingly, this isn't the case. In a candid chat with The Daily Star, Storm shared her mixed emotions. While she's undeniably thrilled about performing in the iconic Wembley Stadium, she has reservations about its location.

"I'm ecstatic about being a part of AEW's most grandiose event. Yet, I can't help but wish Wembley was elsewhere. England holds a significant chunk of my past — a past I thought I had moved on from," said Storm, alluding to her British roots and extensive wrestling history in the UK.

Storm's UK Return: Emotions Stirred

For those unaware, Storm's journey to stardom was largely forged in the UK, where she clinched titles in Progress and NXT UK. Although returning to a familiar territory stirs up a melange of emotions, she's keen on seizing this platform.

With over 80,000 spectators expected, she's more than ready to showcase her evolution. "What truly excites me is the prospect of proving my mettle to those fans again. It's my chance to showcase my growth and triumphs," she stated with evident confidence, even hinting at officially renouncing her British citizenship amidst the grandeur of Wembley.

Reflecting on her career trajectory, Storm's transition to AEW remains a topic of interest. After bidding adieu to WWE in December 2021 — a decision stemming from disagreements and feeling undervalued post a contentious rivalry with Charlotte Flair — Storm made an impactful entry into All Elite Wrestling.

She made headlines as the surprise element in the inaugural Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament. Notably, while she had been previously crowned the Interim Women’s Champion, she later gained recognition as the Lineal Champion. As Wembley beckons, all eyes will be on Toni Storm, the prodigious talent with a point to prove.

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