Brian Kendrick Reveals That His Stature Wasn't the Key to His WWE Success.


Brian Kendrick Reveals That His Stature Wasn't the Key to His WWE Success.

WWE has historically been viewed as a domain dominated by towering figures, especially when Brian Kendrick graced the ring. Yet, in a candid conversation on the "In The Room" podcast, Kendrick dismantled the widespread notion that his stature was the primary impediment to his success within the company.

Kendrick expressed, "It wasn't my size that held me back. Instead, it was a combination of my attitude and a series of missed opportunities. I've come to realize that the WWE often doesn't have a preconceived blueprint for its next star.

Whether it's someone charismatic like The Rock, iconic like Hulk Hogan, or a powerhouse like John Cena, WWE is always in search of a unique package, regardless of its external form."

"Kendrick: Accountability Over Blame"

Reflecting upon his journey, Kendrick emphasized that laying blame on external factors is an unproductive endeavor.

"I can't harbor resentment or feel that chances were unjustly snatched away from me. Ultimately, the opportunities I had were either not truly mine or were lost due to my follies. It's not WWE's obligation to cater to individual aspirations; after all, it's their enterprise." That said, Kendrick isn't without remorse concerning his past.

"Looking back, I wish I had expressed more gratitude," he confessed. "In my late 20s to early 30s, I made a plethora of hasty decisions, colored by arrogance. My lack of superstardom wasn't rooted in my height. It was rooted in my inability to fully harness my potential, to demonstrate the qualities that set superstars apart." Despite the turbulent phases in his career, Kendrick maintains a cordial, albeit sporadic, professional association with WWE.

Over the past few years, he's been occasionally summoned, particularly to contribute his expertise as a producer for high-profile matches, notably those involving the MMA-turned-wrestling sensation, Ronda Rousey. It's evident that while Kendrick's in-ring days might be behind him, his contributions to the wrestling world are far from over.

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