WWE Hall Of Famer Demands Mega WrestleMania Rematch for 2024


WWE Hall Of Famer Demands Mega WrestleMania Rematch for 2024

As the wrestling community eagerly anticipates WrestleMania XL, scheduled for next April at the magnificent Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one voice is already resonating loudly with match proposals.

That voice belongs to WWE Hall of Famer, Brian "Road Dogg" James. In recent years, WrestleMania has transformed into a two-night spectacle, drawing fans from all over the world. As we approach its fifth consecutive year as a two-night extravaganza, anticipation builds over the potential matchups to be featured.

Road Dogg's WrestleMania XL Vision

On his popular podcast, Oh You Didn’t Know, Road Dogg, who holds a significant position as WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events, delved into the matches he envisions for this grand event.

When posed with the hypothetical scenario of organizing the match card, he unhesitatingly pitched the idea of a second bout between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. Expressing his fervor, Road Dogg emphasized, “Cody vs.

Roman 2 is what we need. The storyline is still blazing, and fans are truly engrossed. The aftermath of their first face-off was the talk of the town. Their unfinished business is evident. Cody has an aura around him – an authentic, raw charisma not bound by scripted characterization." Revisiting the previous WrestleMania, Cody's defeat to Reigns sparked significant discourse among fans and pundits.

The subsequent attack on Cody by Brock Lesnar the very next night further fueled speculations about Cody’s journey and direction in WWE. But as the wrestling universe has seen, Cody is far from a pushover. Marking his territory, he triumphed over Brock Lesnar in a highly-anticipated bout at SummerSlam, signaling a noteworthy turnaround in his wrestling trajectory.

Given Road Dogg's influential position and keen insight, the idea of a Reigns vs. Rhodes rematch is not far-fetched. If anything, it promises to be a riveting encounter that would undeniably captivate WWE enthusiasts worldwide.