Brian Kendrick: Not Size, But Other Factors Defined My WWE Journey


Brian Kendrick: Not Size, But Other Factors Defined My WWE Journey

WWE has long been recognized as a platform where larger-than-life personalities thrive, especially during the era of Brian Kendrick's inaugural stint. Yet, in a candid conversation with "In The Room," Kendrick challenges the widely held belief that his stature played a pivotal role in his WWE trajectory.

Instead, he emphasizes a series of personal choices and attitude issues.

Kendrick's Personal WWE Reflections

Kendrick reflects, "The real determinants were my attitude and my reluctance to put in the hard work, coupled with opportunities that I unceremoniously fumbled.

WWE's vision for its superstars isn't always clear-cut. It's not about pinpointing a particular archetype. It's more about discovering an electrifying persona—be it in the mold of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, or even Kofi Kingston.

The company never precisely knows which direction its next big star will emerge from." This introspective perspective offers insight into Kendrick's mindset. While many might harbor resentments against the company for perceived slights or missed chances, Kendrick stands apart.

He acknowledges that harboring grudges, especially against factors outside of one's influence, is futile. Instead of attributing his journey to external factors, he confronts his personal shortcomings during his early days with the company.

"If I could go back," Kendrick admits, "I'd have chosen to exhibit more gratitude. Specifically, during my tenure leading up to the cruiserweight phase, spanning my late 20s to early 30s, before my eventual release. My past behavior was, admittedly, imprudent.

However, I'd like to believe I've grown since then. The reason behind my not reaching the 'superstar' echelon isn't tied to my physical stature, but more to my inability to harness the right mindset." In an ongoing testament to his skills and the value he brings, Kendrick's relationship with WWE persists.

Presently, he contributes part-time, primarily lending his expertise as a producer. This collaboration has often seen him at the helm of matches featuring the likes of Ronda Rousey, showcasing his versatile and invaluable contributions to the wrestling world.

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