Bully Ray: Companies Avoid Ex-WWE Star Due to Control Issues


Bully Ray: Companies Avoid Ex-WWE Star Due to Control Issues

In a surprising turn, the wrestler formerly known as Enzo Amore, now rebranded as Real1, is set to debut in New Japan Pro-Wrestling this Saturday at the All Star Junior Festival USA. Real1 will enter the ring as an unaffiliated talent, sparking conversations across the professional wrestling industry about the choices and paths he's made since his departure from WWE.

Bully Ray Speculates on Real1's Absence

Bully Ray, speaking on the "Busted Open" radio show, offered his take on Real1's current status in the world of professional wrestling. While many might link his absence from major wrestling circuits to the 2018 allegations of sexual assault that led to his WWE release, Bully Ray believes there's a different narrative at play.

He suggested that Real1's strong individualistic spirit and reputed unmanageability are the key factors keeping him from securing a spot with major wrestling entities. "Contemporary wrestling businesses seek total control over their talents," observed the ex-TNA World Champion.

"In my view, the overriding reason Enzo isn't on any major roster isn't due to past controversies but rather because of his strong-willed nature." Bully Ray further hypothesized that any company bold enough to bring Real1 onboard could potentially see a boost in ratings and business.

Supporting Bully Ray's standpoint, co-host Tommy Dreamer drew a parallel between Real1 and AEW World Champion, MJF. Both wrestlers, according to Dreamer, often face criticism for their verbal skills overshadowing their in-ring abilities.

However, Dreamer argues that Real1, much like MJF, has an astute understanding of his strengths and areas of growth, and more than holds his own within those parameters. As the wrestling world turns its gaze towards the All Star Junior Festival USA this weekend, a myriad of talent from NJPW, DDT, DragonGate, CMLL, GCW, and more are slated to participate.

The specific details of Real1's match remain under wraps. Wrestling enthusiasts and curious spectators alike can catch all the action at the renowned 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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