Darby Allin: TNT Title's Value Diminished, Aims to Restore Respect

Recent AEW Control Center reveals Allin's concerns on TNT Championship.

by Noman Rasool
Darby Allin: TNT Title's Value Diminished, Aims to Restore Respect

In a recent candid conversation on the latest episode of AEW Control Center, former two-time TNT Champion Darby Allin voiced his dissatisfaction and concerns regarding the current standing and treatment of the TNT Championship in AEW.

Allin reminisced about the days when he and wrestling icons Cody Rhodes and Brodie Lee held the TNT Championship, emphasizing the pride and significance it once carried. The trio fiercely contended in the squared circle, ensuring the TNT title was recognized and esteemed for its prestige in the wrestling community.

"It's distressing to admit, but the TNT Championship has lost the significance it once had," Allin articulated with nostalgia. "In the days when Brodie, Cody, and I were champions, it wasn't just a title but a testament to our dedication and passion for wrestling.

Recently, it seems more like a ceremonial token, passed around without much contemplation."

Allin Critiques Current TNT Champions

Allin directed his concerns explicitly toward the current title holder, Christian Cage, and the preceding champ, Luchasaurus.

In his eyes, these champions are doing a disservice to the TNT Championship's legacy. "With someone like Christian Cage parading around, proclaiming championship status, it feels almost mocking," said Allin, frustration evident.

"This isn't a game. That title represents more than just bragging rights. And having Luchasaurus, a champion who barely defends his title? It's almost as if we're losing sight of the championship's true essence." Addressing his intentions head-on, Darby Allin officially threw the gauntlet to Christian Cage, challenging him for the TNT Championship at the highly anticipated AEW All Out event.

"All this talk ends now. If Christian genuinely believes he's a champion, it's time he proves it," Allin declared determinedly. "Come All Out; I'm not just aiming to win, but to restore the honor, significance, and respect the TNT Championship truly deserves." The AEW Universe is now waiting with bated breath to see if Christian Cage will accept the challenge and if Darby Allin can reclaim the TNT Championship, ensuring it regains its once-revered status.

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