Jeff Jarrett Remembers Tomko's 2008 TNA Exit


Jeff Jarrett Remembers Tomko's 2008 TNA Exit
Jeff Jarrett Remembers Tomko's 2008 TNA Exit

In a revealing conversation, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett shed light on the complexities surrounding TNA's video game development with Midway Games and Tomko's contentious exit from TNA Wrestling in 2008.
Discussing the TNA video game, Jarrett painted a picture of a highly anticipated project plagued by internal challenges at Midway Games.

Despite his turbulence at the time, Jarrett was constantly updated about the video game's progress. "Dixie Carter and Greg Allison, who played a pivotal role in the gaming side and later joined our team, had the day-to-day in check," Jarrett stated.

Despite evident internal issues with Midway, TNA was assured that the video game was of utmost priority. For long-standing TNA members, this came as a heartening revelation. The considerable resources and commitment that Midway was allocating to the game, coupled with the excitement in creative meetings, underscored its significance.

"I'm no gamer," Jarrett admits. "But there was a unanimous expectation that the game had to be top-notch." Over two years, Jarrett realized that despite the turbulence in Midway's operations, which TNA had no sway over, the game was both a commercial and critical success.

Tomko's 2008 TNA-Japan Dilemma

Turning his attention to Tomko's departure in 2008, Jarrett's tone grew reflective. "Tomko's situation was intricate. The narratives involving a potential suspension are fuzzy to me. But the challenges revolved around Tomko's commitments to TNA and his opportunities in Japan." Jarrett recalls, "Tomko was akin to a few other wrestlers, Low-key being one.

While we were eager to have them on board, we expected full-time dedication." Spike TV echoed a similar sentiment, wanting Tomko's unwavering focus. However, Tomko's ongoing commitment to the Inoki Group in Japan created tension.

Despite assuring TNA of his presence at events, there were instances where he backed out at the last moment. "Ultimately, we realized Tomko wasn't fully with us. And though it was hard, there was mutual understanding. Tomko's priority seemed to tilt towards Japan, and we respected that," Jarrett concluded.

In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, Jarrett's insights offer a rare glimpse into the challenges and decisions that shape its landscape.

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