Kurt Angle on Possibly Returning to The Ring

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Kurt Angle on Possibly Returning to The Ring

Kurt Angle is a professional wrestling legend. He is one of the only wrestling gold medalists to work in the WWE. He has wrestled some of the best WWE wrestlers of both past and present and was around during the Attitude Era.

He has even worked outside of the WWE. In Impact Wrestling, Angle was one of the top talents. He even wrestled Sting in Impact Wrestling at one point. Unfortunately, age caught the better of him, and he simply cannot wrestle the way he used to.

He has had multiple neck injuries and even overcame an addiction to pain killers. On Wrestling Inc. he spoke about the possibility of returning to the ring one day as he isn’t officially retired. He was asked whether he would ever come back.

To this he said: "No, but it seems like they always come back. I've seen Shawn Michaels come back; Ric Flaircome back. I don't plan on coming back but if Vince McMahon needs me, I would do it in a second," stated Angle.

"Do I think he'll call on me? Probably not. I think Vince is more proud of me not as a wrestler, but someone who overcame his demons and stayed straight for this long. He doesn't want to be the one who ends up having me relapse because he wanted to use me for a match and I got hurt and I ended up taking painkillers.