WWE Submits Multiple Trademarks


WWE Submits Multiple Trademarks
WWE Submits Multiple Trademarks

On August 11th, the wrestling powerhouse, WWE, submitted intriguing trademark applications to the United States Patent And Trademark Office, hinting at potential future programming directions. Central to the buzz is including four iconic event names: Hardcore Heaven, Barely Legal, Massacre on 34th Street, and Cyberslam.

For die-hard fans, these titles resonate deeply; they are all pay-per-views once aired under the ECW banner. After WWE acquired ECW's video library and associated trademarks in 2003, these event names went dormant. Now, two decades post-acquisition and with the upcoming WrestleMania 40 unfolding in what many regards as the spiritual heartland of ECW, Philadelphia, speculation is rife about a possible ECW-themed resurgence.

The specificity of the "Barely Legal" filing exemplifies WWE's expansive vision. It encompasses professional wrestling shows and broad media outputs, including exhibitions, wrestling news distribution across multiple platforms, and even a dedicated sports entertainment information website.

Trademark Buzz: Stratus & Jiro

The trademark frenzy doesn’t end there. Fans will recognize the significance of the trademarks for ring names such as "Trish Stratus" and "Ikemen Jiro." Trish, a wrestling legend, has been active on WWE shows throughout 2023 and has a much-anticipated Steel Cage showdown against Becky Lynch in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, Jiro is making waves on NXT, performing on its prime Tuesday slot and its 'Level Up' series. Adding another layer to the narrative, "The New Day’s Podcast 'Feel The Power'" was also among the filings. Though the podcast has been on hiatus since 2021, sticking to releasing 'best of' compilations, this trademark move sparks hope for fresh content.

The grand spectacle of WWE WrestleMania 40 is on the horizon, scheduled for April 6th and 7th, 2024, in Philadelphia. The match card remains under wraps, but given the trademark teasers and the anticipation building, one thing's for certain: WWE fans are in for some monumental surprises.