Mustafa Ali Introduces New NXT Gimmick, Resembles Scrapped 2021 WWE Concept


Mustafa Ali Introduces New NXT Gimmick, Resembles Scrapped 2021 WWE Concept

Mustafa Ali made a triumphant resurgence on last night's episode of "WWE NXT," reminding fans of a storyline that had been previously shelved by the WWE. Years ago, Ali was geared up to embrace a "New America" narrative, but WWE decided against it.

However, Ali hasn't let that setback dampen his spirits or his determination. Last night, he emerged with a persona reminiscent of that past character, standing tall in the NXT ring. He made a fervent proclamation, positioning himself as the rightful "NXT North American Champion." Not only was this a challenge to the reigning champion, Dominik Mysterio, but Ali accused Mysterio of besmirching family values and having a criminal past.

He passionately conveyed, "The people of North America deserve a champion who embodies integrity, both inside and outside the ring."

Ali's Visionary Call for Change

With the poise and eloquence of a seasoned politician, Ali beckoned the audience to lend him their ears, asking them to realize the need for a champion change.

"Together," he asserted, "we can usher in an era where the North American Championship reaches uncharted heights, inspiring countless individuals to achieve greatness in the right way." The confidence in his speech was palpable as he promised a better future and urged the fans to believe in him as the emblem of trustworthiness.

Fans with sharp memories will recall a similar sentiment expressed by Ali back on the October 29, 2021 episode of "WWE SmackDown." After a match with Drew McIntyre, he had lamented how his last name seemed to be a barrier to acceptance.

His boldness was on display a week later when he tweeted an unreleased vignette, where he pushed for a "New America," looking dapper in a suit. Yet, this potentially groundbreaking character was deemed "too controversial" by WWE.

This decision reportedly didn't sit well with Ali, leading to rumored confrontations with Vince McMahon and requests for his release. While his pleas went unanswered, he took a hiatus from WWE telecasts, returning only in April of the following year on "WWE Raw." Since then, Ali has been an integral part of the "NXT" roster, marking his territory and setting his sights on champion glory.

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