Grayson Waller on The Rock: Missed the 'Waller Rub' Opportunity

Australian wrestler Waller opens up on recent Rock encounter.

by Noman Rasool
Grayson Waller on The Rock: Missed the 'Waller Rub' Opportunity

During a recent in-depth conversation on the renowned Babyfaces podcast, the Australian wrestling sensation, Grayson Waller, shed light on his string of tweets directed at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, one of wrestling's most iconic figures.

Waller elucidated his intent behind those tweets: offering The Rock an avenue to make a triumphant retu
rn to WWE. Waller expressed his discontent with The Rock’s lukewarm response, saying, “I was over The Rock three seconds after he tweeted me with a somewhat lackluster reply.

My intent was purely to assist him. I took the initiative, with the hope of making The Rock resonate with the WWE universe once again." He continued, "While his global stardom is undeniable, with possibly the title of the most renowned professional wrestler ever under his belt, in the fast-paced world of WWE, it's perpetually about the latest contributions.

Recently, The Rock's presence and impact have been conspicuously absent."

Waller's Invitation Meets Rock's Hesitation

In Waller's perspective, he was laying out a red carpet for The Rock, potentially providing a smoother transition for the superstar before engaging with current heavyweights, such as Roman Reigns and the formidable Bloodline.

But Waller doubted The Rock's commitment. "Given the evolving dynamics, I wasn’t sure if he was up for the challenge," he quipped. Furthermore, Waller stressed the changing atmosphere of WWE, pointing out that the new generation of wrestlers, full of zeal and ambition, wouldn't merely bow down to past legends.

"The Rock is at a juncture in his life where he should realize that stepping back into the ring doesn’t guarantee reverence from the new blood. We're fiercely competitive. We’re here to compete, not just to pay homage," Waller stated emphatically.

Ending on a note of finality, Waller concluded, "I genuinely believed he wasn't interested in a face-off with me. And that's okay. Iextengave himovided him with an opportunity for the so-called 'Grayson Waller rub.' He chose to pass, and now, that golden chance will be offered to another deserving contender." The WWape is clearly shifting, with young stars like Waller eager to make their mark and challenge the established order. Only time will tell how this new dynamic plays out in the ring.

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