Chelsea Green Hints Piper Niven Isn't True WWE Tag Champ


Chelsea Green Hints Piper Niven Isn't True WWE Tag Champ
Chelsea Green Hints Piper Niven Isn't True WWE Tag Champ

In a surprising turn of events, Chelsea Green, currently holding one-half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships, finds herself in a precarious partnership dilemma. With Sonya Deville, her championship co-holder, on the sidelines due to a torn ACL, Green has been left to address the void.

During her recent appearance on "WWE's The Bump", Green shed light on her temporary team-up with Piper Niven, who she encountered on "WWE Raw." Her hesitation was evident as she discussed the transitory nature of their pairing.

Her words hinted at the need for a conversation with WWE's upper management to determine Niven's official status as a champion.

Niven's Surprise Shifts Dynamics

However, the atmosphere on the show took a notable shift when Piper Niven, former Impact Knockouts Champion, made an unexpected appearance, calling into the show from her vehicle.

This sudden intrusion caused Green to recalibrate her stance. Following Niven's assertive declaration that she was the one to bolster the championship duo, Green remarked, "We're gonna make it work, we're gonna thrive." Though her tone was optimistic, a hint of nervous laughter belied her true feelings as she contemplated Niven's potential ascent as one of WWE's most distinguished champions.

The championship narrative saw Green and Deville triumphing over Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez on "Raw" just a month ago. The aftermath of Deville's injury had Green contemplating auditions for a new tag partner. However, Niven, known for her assertive demeanor, took charge and positioned herself at the forefront, cementing her role alongside Green.

As of now, the timeline for Sonya Deville's recovery and return remains uncertain. It leaves fans and analysts alike speculating about the future dynamics of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships and the ever-evolving partnership between Green and Niven.

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