Sami Zayn Indefinitely Extends WWE Rivalry with Johnny Knoxville from Jackass


Sami Zayn Indefinitely Extends WWE Rivalry with Johnny Knoxville from Jackass
Sami Zayn Indefinitely Extends WWE Rivalry with Johnny Knoxville from Jackass

Sami Zayn is hinting at the possibility of a rematch with his erstwhile adversary, Johnny Knoxville, in the WWE ring. In a recent revelation, Zayn recounted an encounter with Knoxville at this year's WrestleMania, sharing that their meeting left him with unresolved feelings and a lingering grudge.

During a candid discussion on the "Out of Character" podcast, Zayn reflected, "The hatchet might not be buried just yet. Our paths crossed at WrestleMania 39, and the vibe just wasn't there, you know? It's peculiar. Despite turning the page and embarking on a new chapter in my career, scaling even greater heights, I can't shake the sensation that my business with Johnny Knoxville remains unfinished.

There's untrodden ground there."

"Fickle Fan Reversal: Knoxville Heckled"

Zayn amusingly recounted how Knoxville continued to mock and curse him from the audience at WrestleMania 39 despite his transition to a fan-favored character.

He playfully noted that the tables turned, with the fans turning on Knoxville, providing him a chuckle. The enmity between Zayn and Knoxville ignited during the preceding year's Royal Rumble when Zayn expressed discontent over the stuntman's participation in the men's Royal Rumble match.

Their feud reached its climax at "The Show of Shows," culminating in a no-holds-barred showdown where many props were enlisted, and Zayn ultimately fell prey to a colossal mousetrap. Amid criticism from traditional wrestling aficionados, Zayn ardently defended the match's merit, comparing it to the remarkable performances of musician Bad Bunny within the ring.

Defying categorization as mere comedic fare, Zayn argued that subtle nuances in the match were designed to honor the wrestling industry's integrity. He posited that the encounter with Knoxville was more fitting than Bad Bunny's foray into wrestling as it upheld the profession's essence.

Zayn's esteem for the match was resolute, asserting, "That bout stands among the pinnacle of my wrestling endeavors. In my repertoire of favorite encounters, it undoubtedly stakes its claim within the top 5 or 10." Such sentiments underscore Zayn's enduring connection to the feud and his aspiration to reconcile with Knoxville in the squared circle fully.

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