Roman Reigns Talks About Quick Win

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Roman Reigns Talks About Quick Win

Roman Reigns made his return to the WWE after spending a long time on the shelf. He was battling Leukemia, and he won the battle. Although he was a baby face the WWE fans didn’t like him much. He wasn’t a wonderful technical wrestler, but could work almost every single week and not injure his opponents.

Roman Reigns returned and reunited The Shield. The Shield fought together for a while before Roman Resigns became a solo wrestler again. Roman Reigns participated in the WWE Money in The Bank Event. He wrestled Elias and actually finished him off quite quickly.

Elias tried to attack Reigns backstage before the match. After the match Cathy Kelly spoke to Roman Reigns backstage and asked him about how he felt: "It really wasn't at all, to be honest," Reigns said. "I geared up for a match tonight, had the vest in tow and everything.

I was ready to rock and roll, give Hartford a great match, give them what they paid for. Considering I've been here for a long time, I'm an established Superstar, it would've been a great opportunity for a guy like Elias, to be in the ring with me and to feel like top competition feels like, what a championship fight feels like.

But he made the wrong choice and he pulled the trigger earlier, therefore I pulled it late. That's why I'm standing here."