Waller Challenges Wrestling Royalty

Grayson Waller Challenges The Rock's WWE Relevance

by Noman Rasool
Waller Challenges Wrestling Royalty

In a turn of events that has grabbed wrestling headlines globally, Grayson Waller, the Australian wrestling sensation, has taken a surprising jab at the People’s Champion, The Rock. During a revealing session on the Babyfaces podcast, Waller candidly expressed his intention behind consistently tweeting at the wrestling and Hollywood icon.

His objective? To provide Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with a plausible route back to the WWE stage. “The Rock is undeniably a global sensation. Every corner of the world resonates with his charisma, but in the high-octane world of WWE, you're only as good as your last match,” Waller emphasized.

He further added, “Sure, he's probably the most recognized professional wrestler ever, but WWE is all about 'What have you done for me lately?' And lately? He's been missing in action."

Waller's Bold WWE Challenge

Waller’s audacious move to extend an olive branch to The Rock was met with a less than stellar response.

"Three seconds—that’s all it took for me to get over The Rock after his lukewarm reply to my tweet. I genuinely attempted to spotlight him again in the WWE universe. But perhaps, he wasn’t prepared for the Roman Reigns and Bloodline narrative that's currently unfolding." Moreover, Grayson Waller had some words of caution for the Brahma Bull.

He warned of the new-age wrestlers, brimming with ambition, not willing to be mere spectators in The Rock's shadow. “The Rock should recognize that if he decides to return, the young and fervent talents of WWE won't stand back and revere him.

They're eager to make their mark. As for me? I doubt if The Rock ever intended to face off with me in the ring. Now, I've shifted my focus. He missed out on the 'Grayson Waller effect', and now, another wrestler will benefit from it." In related news, Waller also shared his perspective on Ilja Dragunov in another interview.

He highlighted Dragunov's formidable presence, dubbing him a genuinely intimidating individual in the wrestling world. With these stirring statements, Grayson Waller is unquestionably cementing his stance in the WWE community, daring to challenge and question the legends, while also praising the emerging talents. Only time will reveal the repercussions of his bold declarations.

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