Jim Ross on why Don Callis flopped in WWE: "miserable prick

Don Callis' WWE tenure revisited by commentator Jim Ross

by Noman Rasool
Jim Ross on why Don Callis flopped in WWE: "miserable prick

Jim Ross, a legendary figure in the wrestling world, recently delved into Don Callis' stint in WWE during the 1990s. For those unfamiliar with Callis’ early days, he made his entrance into WWE as 'The Jackyl.' He soon became associated with and eventually led 'The Truth Commission.'

Despite Callis's undeniable talent, particularly as a charismatic speaker, the group struggled to find significant success. After the dissolution of 'The Truth Commission', Callis ventured into creating a quirky ensemble named 'The Oddities.'

Later on, he shifted his attention to managing 'The Acolytes' – consisting of the wrestling duo, Farooq and Bradshaw. However, his journey with WWE came to an end in 1998. In a recent episode of "Grilling JR", Ross offered insights into why Callis might not have made a lasting impact during his WWE tenure.

He attributed it largely to "bad timing." Ross stated, “It was more about bad timing, Conrad. If things had played out differently, it wouldn’t have been a reflection on creative decisions”. Ross then proceeded to commend Callis’s oratory skills.

He expressed, “While some may find him a challenging personality in reality, no one can contest Don’s intelligence. He is undeniably one of the best speakers”.

Ross Highlights Callis's Untapped Potential

Ross candidly expressed his views on Callis’s true potential.

"Don's forte lies in broadcasting rather than managing. When you find someone who communicates eloquently, listens attentively, and speaks succinctly, it's a rare gem. We, unfortunately, missed the mark with him during that period”.

Ross admitted the WWE’s oversight in Callis’s case. "We had a diamond in Don. He had the potential to grow, learn, and shine. His dedication to perfection was evident, and he was always eager to rectify his mistakes.

WWE could have optimized his presence more efficiently. Our handling of him was a mistake, and I feel we dropped the ball with him during that era." In the contemporary wrestling scene, Callis seems to have found his rightful place in AEW as the cunning head of the Callis family, currently including only himself and Konosuke Takeshita.

Moreover, there's buzz around Chris Jericho potentially teaming up with Callis. However, a recent twist saw Jericho being blindsided by Will Ospreay, hinting at an impending face-off between the two at the highly-anticipated "All In" event.

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