Kevin Nash Thoughts on Cody Rhodes & Family Post-SummerSlam

SummerSlam's aftermath sparks intriguing conversations among wrestling elites.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kevin Nash Thoughts on Cody Rhodes & Family Post-SummerSlam

In the wake of WWE SummerSlam's explosive match between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes, the wrestling community has been abuzz with reactions. One voice that stood out in the mix was Kevin Nash's, who recently aired his views on the "Kliq This" show.

One particularly poignant moment at SummerSlam was when Lesnar, after the match, extended a handshake to Cody Rhodes. Whether it was a scripted segment or a spontaneous gesture of admiration remains uncertain. Kevin Nash, in his review, expressed his sheer joy for "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes and the legacy of the Rhodes lineage.

Nash Questions Brock's Gesture

Sharing his initial ambiguity, Nash stated, "When I saw Brock's gesture to Cody, I was caught in two minds. Given the Peacock documentary's recent release, I wondered if it was a premeditated move by WWE or a genuine nod from the audience." Delving deeper into the moment, Nash mentioned, "From what I've gathered, Brock's decision to shake and lift Cody's hand wasn't pre-planned or discussed.

It seems like a spur-of-the-moment decision, stemming from Brock's belief in Cody's mettle." Highlighting the significance of Lesnar's act, Nash emphasized, "This incident says a lot about Brock's esteem for Cody. Although I've never personally squared off with Cody in the ring, one can't ignore the aura a wrestler exudes when they're in there, and it's palpable with Cody." Commending Rhodes' current WWE status, Nash remarked on his undeniable popularity.

"Cody is undoubtedly 'over' with the fans. His reception on the subsequent 'WWE Raw' episode, which had not one but two crowd singalongs, is testament to that. Such responses are typically reserved for wrestlers who've truly resonated with the audience." In concluding his insights, Nash conveyed heartfelt admiration and pride.

"Seeing Cody's success warms my heart. In a roster that's not bursting at the seams, it's crucial to nurture and amplify talent, and WWE has done right by Cody. His dedication to the sport is evident, and I feel a surge of pride for him, for the late Dusty Rhodes, and the entire Rhodes clan."

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