Jim Ross: WWE Misstep with Don Callis


Jim Ross: WWE Misstep with Don Callis
Jim Ross: WWE Misstep with Don Callis

In a recent episode of the podcast "Grilling JR," Jim Ross, the renowned voice of professional wrestling, delved into his experiences with Don Callis during the latter's tenure as a manager for The Truth Commission back in 1997 with the WWF.

Ross highlighted the missed potential of Callis's stint in the wrestling giant, stating, "It was largely a case of bad timing. If the stars had aligned, we wouldn't lament the creative choices." He further delved into Callis's prowess on the microphone, recalling, "Sharing the commentary booth with him on a few occasions, it became abundantly clear to me that Don was an exceptional talker.

I truly believed he would've shone brightest as a broadcaster."

Ross Praises Callis's Eloquence

Drawing a comparison between Callis's skills as a talker and his managerial role, Ross said, "It wasn't that Don couldn't thrive as a manager or that he was inadequate in that role.

However, stumbling upon someone with such articulate, concise communication—someone who didn't drone on endlessly—is rare. That was the unique charm of Don." Ross, known for his candid takes, didn't mince words while addressing WWE's approach to Callis's talent.

"He was earnest, always eager to learn, and had this undeniable thirst for excellence. Unfortunately, WWE, at that time, didn't fully exploit the talent that was Don Callis. The mismanagement of his skills was glaring. And perhaps, a part of that responsibility falls on Don too.

His immense self-belief and keen understanding of the wrestling fraternity—its angels and demons—might not have worked in his favor." Don Callis has been a multifaceted figure in the wrestling industry, contributing to brands like ECW, NJPW, and Impact Wrestling in varied capacities.

He's now making waves in AEW, managing Konosuke Takeshita, and having previously been at the helm of Kenny Omega's celebrated "belt collector" stint in 2021.

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